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      Wolf education at the Peter White Library

      A program Tuesday at the Peter White Public Library was trying to educate the public on wolves. Nancy Warren, a volunteer from the Timber Wolf Alliance, has researched wolves for nearly 20 years.

      Her program, called Co-Existing With Wolves, highlighted what she calls an unreasonable fear of the wolf population. It centered around the groups goal, which is education.

      "I'm hoping that people will understand that there are ways for farmers to co-exist with wolves; we have many non-lethal methods that are effective," said Warren. "I'm hoping that people don't feel that there's a wolf lurking behind every tree because they're not, but yet some people think so, so let's just put the fear in perspective."

      The program was in conjunction with an exhibit at the Peter White Library called Wolves and Wild Lands of the 21st Century. The traveling exhibit focuses on wolves across North America. That exhibit will be on display until the end of September at the library.