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      Wolf pups discovered on Isle Royale, but scientists still concerned

      Isle Royale National Park officials have cause for celebration after the presence of wolf pups and peregrine falcon chicks were discovered on the island.

      Officials say that the limited number of species and individual animals on the island can result in these types of births being celebrated, but even with the wolf pups, national park officials are still expressing concern for the dwindling wolf population.

      "It is always exciting when we learn about successful reproduction of wildlife in the park, and the birth of two wolf pups is especially good news," said Superintendent Phyllis Green. "The wolves continue to surprise us with their resiliency. While we were very happy to learn about the birth of the pups, we are still concerned about the population and are in the process of evaluating options on how to deal with the population in the future."

      A recent study on the Isle Royale wolf population showed some possible grim results for the wolves on the island. The report showed that since 2009, the wolf population had dwindled from 24 to 8. That study can be found here.

      Also announced on Friday was the discovery of two peregrine falcon chicks. Last year was the first time in 57 years that the endangered peregrine falcon nested successfully on the island, according to park officials. This year, two peregrine falcon chicks were successfully reared to fledging on Passage Island.

      "Last year was quite a shock to find a breeding pair of falcons," said Chief of Natural Resources Paul Brown. "This year we hoped the pair would return and we were very happy to see nesting activity."

      Brown went on to say that three chicks were initially nested, but over the course of the next few weeks, one chick had disappeared. Park officials say that the addition of the new chicks brings the peregrine falcon population on the island to five or seven individuals.

      For more information on Isle Royale National Park, visit the website here.