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      Woman charged with embezzling from vulnerable adults

      An Ontonagon woman was back in court on Tuesday facing more embezzlement charges.

      Forty-three-year-old Anne Pollard is facing 15 counts of embezzlement and forgery charges. Some of those charges include embezzlement from 12 different vulnerable adults.

      Pollard is facing 12 felony and three misdemeanor charges and if convicted could spend up to 87 years in prison.

      "Your honor, it's our intention to waive the preliminary examination today and go to circuit court for further proceedings in this matter," said Pollard's attorney, James McKenzie.

      "Fifteen counts of embezzlement? Do you understand that you have the right to have a prelim on this and it's suggested here that you want to waive that right? Is that correct," questioned Judge Tingstad.

      "Yes," answered Pollard.

      Pollard is also facing one count of embezzlement against the Ontonagon Hockey Association. That incident occurred over a three year time period from March of 2009 to August of 2011, and that case is scheduled for a jury trial on August 20.