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      Woman fights failing heart

      Chelsea Parrish recently got some heart wrenching news.

      Her 55-year-old mother, Judy, was diagnosed with severe heart failure and needs a heart transplant.

      "Look it up and find out what my doctor knew about it. Just find everything out about it because I don't want to lose my mom," said Chelsea Parrish.

      Judy found out in July. At the time, her heart was working at 40 percent. Since then, her condition has worsened; her heart now works at 10 percent capacity.

      "It was a bit overwhelming at first. I'm becoming use to the idea now. I've had to make some life changes. I'm just hoping to get a heart in time before mine succumbs," said Judy.

      She is currently receiving treatment at the University of Michigan but can't get on the list for a heart donation until her situation gets worse. Even then, she will have to wait until a heart that's compatible is available.

      So the Powell Township Ambulance Service is asking you to help out by attending a spaghetti benefit.

      Gary Vargo is an emergency responder and has known them for 23 years.

      "Cover her medical expenses, their premiums, and all of their out-of-pocket costs for one calendar year. Just an attempt to simply relieve one part of the stress that they are under," said Vargo.

      The benefit is Sunday, November 4, from 4 until 7 p.m. at the fire hall. So far, they have raised almost $5,000 which will go towards the $20,000 she will have to pay this year.

      Judy is 55, but says she feels like she's 70. For now she's expected to get a pacemaker by the end of the year. She hopes her story encourages others to become organ donors.

      "I just take it day to day. It's very overwhelming; my kids are great. They're scared, of course, they don't want to lose me same as my husband. So I just try to tell them just everything's going to be okay," Judy said.

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