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      Woman honored for work with veterans

      A Marquette woman is being honored for her work with veterans in an area that state officials say is in serious need of attention.

      Karen Miron works with dozens of veterans at the Unemployment Insurance Agency in Marquette Township, helping them to transition back to civilian life and find jobs. Wednesday, she was recognized for her dedication by the Veteran's Services division of the State of Michigan. She was awarded the veteran services coin, an honor that gives her access and makes her an official part of the veteran community.

      "I'm very humbled, astonished. I think what I do is a privilege," said Miron. "It takes somebody like Karen, who has a background in all of this, to sometimes sit down with them and go that extra step to help them out," said Allen Nash of Veteran Services.

      Miron says she has many veterans in her own family, so she feels especially passionate about the cause.