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      Woman honors brother's life with Caught Dreamin'

      When JoAnne Garrowâ??s brother, Mark, passed away five years ago, she decided to honor his life in a unique way. JoAnne started Caught Dreaminâ?? to share her brotherâ??s artwork as well as showcase her own creations.

      â??I think he would love it, I think he could love that Iâ??m pursuing this,â?? said Garrow. â??I think he would like that itâ??s going towards goodwill. I feel confident that he would be happy about what Iâ??m doing.â??

      These items are designed to increase social awareness and benefit various organizations in need. One group, the Great Lakes Recovery Center, which focuses on cases of addiction, is especially important to JoAnne.

      â??So many people that I know, almost all of my friends, have people who suffer from some sort of an addiction,â?? said Garrow. â??Itâ??s a huge issue that we deal with in society today.â??

      Mark used to read poetry to JoAnne as a child, and one poem in particular is especially close to her heart: â??The Ravenâ?? by Edgar Allen Poe. Every time JoAnne sees a raven she is reminded of her brother, which was the inspiration behind the logo for Caught Dreaminâ??, as well as her tattoo.

      â??All of the sudden again I was working on that logo and I was like, â??Thatâ??s the name! Caught Dreaminâ??. It just seemed to happen through him,â?? said Garrow. â??I feel like heâ??s been guiding me and working through me as sort of my silent partner.â??

      Aside from their website, Caught Dreaminâ?? products can be purchased at Garden Bouquet and Design in Downtown Marquette. Even though the products have only been in stores a few weeks, people can already see its ability to become something in the future.

      â??Itâ??s simple enough and yet deep enough in terms of meaning and significance that I think thereâ??s potential,â?? said Kim Smith, owner of Garden Bouquet and Design. â??That would be my dream come true.â??

      JoAnne sees the potential as well. She hopes to see Caught Dreaminâ?? inspire others to get involved in her cause.

      â??Right now, Iâ??m focusing on addiction and how recovery can help,â?? said Garrow. â??I just want people to know that people suffer from addiction and itâ??s a disease, they canâ??t help it. I just want to encourage compassion; I want to encourage people to educate themselves on these types of issues.â??

      In the future, JoAnne hopes to see Caught Dreaminâ?? transform into a series of art projects that reflects our society today and encourages goodwill.

      For more information on Caught Dreaminâ??, visit their website: or their Facebook page: