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      Woman pleads guilty to accosting a child for immoral purposes

      A 40-year-old Manistique woman was in court on Thursday, facing a charge of accosting a child.

      Kathy McDougle pled guilty in Schoolcraft County Circuit Court to charges from an incident in August 2012. She pled guilty to one count of attempted accosting a child for immoral purposes.

      McDougle explained what happened in court on Thursday. She said that during a drive, she asked her babysitter if she would have sex with her husband, after he requested her to ask.

      "When you asked her if she was interested in having sex with your husband, what did she say?" questioned defense attorney, Jayne Mackowiak.

      "She basically went 'Eww, no way.'" responded McDougle.

      "How long did the conversation last with her?" Mackowiak asked.

      "About 10 seconds," McDougle replied.

      McDougle's sentencing was pushed back to January, and she faces a maximum of two years in jail.