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      Woman sentenced for embezzling from assisted living facility

      A Rapid River woman has been sentenced to a year in Schoolcraft County Jail after embezzling money from an assisted living facility.

      Thirty-nine-year-old Jana Chaperon was sentenced in Schoolcraft County court on Thursday for embezzling more than $50,000, but less than $100,000 from Woodland Meadows Assisted Living Facility. Chaperon was the director of the facility, but resigned her post before the facility was sold by Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital.

      Chaperon was sentenced to serve 11 months immediately, with 36 months of probation to follow. The judge will consider allowing Chaperon to participate in work release after the first 90 days of her sentence. Work release would allow Chaperon to take one day of her sentence for every 12 hours of community work she does.

      She originally pled guilty to one count of embezzlement. Part of the plea deal involved dropping the charge of using a computer to commit a crime. Chaperon is also being required to pay $82,000 in restitution.