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      Woman sentenced for the torture and abuse of a 15-year-old boy

      A Delta County woman will be going to prison for up to 50 years for the abuse and torture of a 15-year-old boy.

      Susan Bardo, 46, pled guilty to both first degree child abuse and torture. She was sentenced on Tuesday, receiving 20 to 50 years for both charges. The sentence is scheduled to be served concurrently.

      Bardo, along with Carl Pellinen, were facing charges in the crime. In court, both defendants admitted they kept the boy locked in a room for 22 hours per day with limited food. They also admitted he was tied and bound to a chair for two to three months.

      The 15-year-old boy was discovered in the Escanaba home back in April. Escanaba Public Safety conducted a well-being check on the teenager, discovering that he was staying in an 8' x 10' room lined with tarps.

      Both Bardo and Pellinen could have received up to life in prison. Pellinen pled no contest to first degree criminal sexual conduct and guilty to first degree child abuse. His sentencing is set for August 19.