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      Woman sentenced in robbery and assault case

      A 21-year-old was sentenced on Wednesday morning to four years to twenty years in prison for a home invasion that left one teenager injured.

      "What a first offense it was," said Karen Bahrman in the case against Samantha Menerey. "The victim was beat and left for dead."

      Samantha Menerey, a 21-year-old resident of Bay City, was involved in a robbery on County Road 440 in AuTrain Township on March 12. Menerey and 29-year-old Richard VanPelt entered a home where they tied up and beat the teenager inside, and then stole several items.

      "I wake up everyday and feel nothing but guilt in my heart for what happened to that kid," stated the defendant. "I'm sorry."

      "The actions that took place on the day were planned and premeditated," stated Judge William Carmody. "It's with that perspective that the court cannot in its mind deviate from what has been recommended under the guidelines."