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      Women become "outdoorsy"

      The annual Becoming an Outdoors Woman event kicked off Friday at Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay. Nearly 100 women registered and geared up to learn how to involve themselves in the outdoors.

      From shooting a gun, to gutting a fish, to cooking over a campfire, the women learned the skills they may need if they were to immerse themselves in the outdoors.

      The 2013 Becoming an Outdoors Woman, or BOW, event is designed to be educational, yet fun, and is the only BOW program left in the state of Michigan.

      "It's either to learn something brand new or to get them out of their comfort zone or to hone in on a skill they might have a little bit of interest in, but they weren't sure what they were doing," said Sharon Pitz, Coordinator for U.P. BOW.

      The event is stretched over a whole weekend. Women are offered 25 different classes to take and may pick four. And there is quite the range of classes: kayaking, boating, outdoor cooking, hunting, fishing, hiking, just to name a few. There's even a fish ID class, where women can learn how to identify the type of fish they catch

      "Everyone's been very welcoming and friendly, and I'm getting great cooking tips here at the outdoor cooking. I originally came because my daughter's into fisheries and wildlife, so I came up with her," said Sandra Sinnaeve, a first-time BOW attendant.

      "I've made some friends here, so I look forward to seeing them every year when I come back, and I usually try and bring a friend, and it's new for them, and they usually want to come back," said Linda Evans, a BOW veteran.

      BOW offers numerous classes throughout the year, but their summer and winter weekend-long events are the most popular.

      For more information about BOW, click here.