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      Women Build Day

      Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps build or improve housing for people in need. Now, they are celebrating Women Build week. It challenges women to devote one day to building or repairing housing in their local communities.

      For the fourth year, Habitat for Humanity HiawathaLand has taken part in Women Build.

      â??This is a great cause because itâ??s women helping women,â?? said Karen Skiles, executive director of Habitat for Humanity HiawathaLand. â??Habitat in general is about helping people and this is just an event that fits in so well with Habitatâ??s missionâ??

      Half of todayâ??s volunteers were students from Paul Mitchell, the School in Escanaba.

      â??This is our second year doing it,â?? said Wendy Eckert, director of Paul Mitchell, the School. â??We have so much fun. Itâ??s a way for us to connect with the community as well as connect with each other and learn to give back to some people that need it verses us all the time.â??

      This year Women Build helped Amanda Gould, a woman who has custody of her three grandchildren.

      â??Iâ??m very grateful for their work, theyâ??re a very nice group of ladies,â?? said Gould.

      Today, volunteers did everything from residing Gouldâ??s house to gardening.

      The communityâ??s help has not only changed Gouldâ??s home, it also changed her life.

      â??Iâ??m grateful for them to be here and anybody that has he extra time and is willing to donate should be out there helping everybody in their communities,â?? Gould said. â??I will be from now on too.â??

      For more information on how you, too, can help, visit their website.