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      Women celebrate philanthropy

      Sondra Shaw-Hardy has been described as the pioneer of women philanthropy. She started the Women Philanthrophy Institute in Indiana.

      On Wednesday, she met with women of Marquette to share her thoughts on doing good for others.

      "It's wonderful that when you walk into a room like this and you see the number of people who all feel the same way that you do. And knowing that these women are so excited, and I can see that in talking with them that they're eager about what they do," said Shaw-Hardy.

      The Women in Philanthropy group is raising money for the YMCA in Marquette. Their memberships are $1,000 a year, and all of that goes to the Y.

      "We can do it individually, but together, I believe we can make a bigger difference, empower, reach others and work together to make a bigger impact on the organization we are serving," said event organizer Sue LeGalley.

      The women dined together and heard a speech from Shaw-Hardy.