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      Women enjoy Ladies Day at the Fair

      It's the third day of the U.P. State Fair, and Wednesday was all about the women. Ladies Day promoted women's health and wellness.

      Dr. Melissa Vandermissen is a chiropractor in Escanaba. She's just one of many health officials who set up a display for Ladies Day. She was there to share her approach on disease prevention.

      â??This is my first time at the fair,â?? explains Dr. Vandermissen. â??My office only opened a few weeks ago. Iâ??ve been working in Holland, Michigan for the past three years. So Hollandâ??s a little larger than Escanaba and a little bit busier. I'm used to pretty busy health fairs."

      The tables were a great resource for women of all ages who stopped by.

      Dr. Vandermissen says it was a busy, but fulfilling, first-time experience at the State Fair. It was a busy and educational experience for the participants as well.

      â??I'm having a lot of fun today,â?? says Escanaba resident, Ashley Dziergas. â??It's been a long day, but it's been fun. And you know, you get a lot of information about things like nursing and blood pressure. I got some free water. I got some hand sanitizer, too, and a stress ball."

      Other fairgoers will relieve their stress by enjoying the music of the Eli Young Band. Earlier on Wednesday, the grandstand got its finishing touches for the concert.

      The fair continues Thursday with Governor Rick Snyder's luncheon. Veterans and senior citizens 65 and older will be able to enjoy their special day for a small admission fee.