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      Women for Mitt meet for roundtable discussion

      Republican women gathered in Marquette on Thursday for a Women for Mitt roundtable.

      Local women, business owners, and political activists addressed Governor Mitt Romney's views on various topics including health care, energy policies, the federal budget, and women in the workforce. Also in attendance were Senator Tom Casperson, Congressmen Dan Benishek, and Bill Huizenga.

      Michigan Women for Mitt is lead by Ronna Romney McDaniel, Governor Romney's niece. One goal of Women for Mitt is to highlight that women are not single-issue voters.

      "Mitt's going to address how workers are hurting, specifically at the home, as our incomes are going down and gas prices and the cost of groceries are going up," said Romney McDaniel. "So he's going to help get jobs and help women succeed in his economy."

      Michigan Women for Mitt is on a series of visits around the state which continues Friday in Flint.