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      Women learn to fight back

      What would you do if you were being attacked? A self-defense course at NMU is teaching women how to fight back.

      Knowing the right techniques to get out of an aggressive situation can save your life. Rape, aggression, defense systems, or RAD, teaches women tactics to do just that.

      It starts by being aware of your surroundings, getting in a defensive stance, and telling them to stand back. Students are taught to hit with 100 percent full force because it may be their one chance of survival.

      "Movements. Fast movements, like something that they won't suspect that will happen. So if you just move quickly, they will be like, 'Whoa, didn't expect that!'" said Beth Gjevre, student.

      Using quick motions to roll out or snap out of hand grips. Punching soft tissue areas like the neck or eyes. Doing straight kicks keeps distance between you and the aggressor, all while keeping your hands up to protect yourself. Those are all some basic tactics to get them away from you and give you time to run for safety.

      "Hopefully the different strikes, punches, kicks, are different tools in their toolbox they could use to get out of possibly a deadly situation," said Jesse Wernholm, RAD instructor.

      One of the most challenging maneuvers can be getting an aggressor off of you when they have you pinned down. You want to wait for the right moment when they don't expect you to break free. It can be done by using your arm and hip to roll out of it.

      "It doesn't matter how big the person that is attacking. They can be twice your size, but you can get out of it somehow. Just keep calm and get out of the situation," said Hailey Beyrand, student.