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      Women's Center gets hefty donation

      The Women's Center in Marquette received a hefty donation from the Rotary Club of Marquette on Thursday.

      Several members of the Rotary Club presented a check for more than $12,000 to the Women's Center.

      The center provides a safe haven for homeless and abused women, children and families. Members of the Rotary say making sure the center receives the funding to stay open is necessary.

      "I'll tell you what, it makes me feel great that we could donate money like this to this fund and that we know that all the money that we raise for the Rotary Club stays in Marquette to make it a better place to live," said Rotary Club president Ted Finco.

      "In order to meet the needs of the survivors that we provide services to, both at the shelter and on an outreach basis, we need the generosity of community members to help us accomplish that goal," said Phyllis Loonsfoot of the Women's Center.

      The money will pay the shelter's mortgage for the next six months.