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      Women's Health Expo draws in dozens

      Some women spent Saturday morning learning more about their health and getting pampered.

      Bell Hospital in Ishpeming held their 6th Annual Women's Health Expo.

      They had a number of different health screenings including, blood pressure, weight, posture, and height.

      Visitors tuned into presentations discussing everything from stress, hormones, to menopause.

      Attendees also had the opportunity to enjoy a massage, and get their nails done.

      Officials say it's all about providing education on women's health related issues.

      "Yeah, this is a great opportunity to maybe meet the provider, hear about them, maybe speak to them a little bit see the facility they would be at," said Julie Solka.

      "Well, the massage and the session on allergies that we went to. It's very informative," said Ann Kananen.

      More than 360 women stopped by while it was open this morning.