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      Women's Wellness Day

      Take a room full of women, mix in some fashion, food, and health, and youâ??ve got one happy group of females.

      There weren't many men at the Kingsford High School by choice this weekend, and that's because Saturday was devoted to women.

      The Women's Wellness Day offered free health screenings, physical check-ups, cooking products, and, of course, what every woman loves: food.

      Ninety-two-year-old Dorothy Meneghini says even though it's been a while, this isn't her first time here.

      â??I used to come regularly,â?? said Dorothy, â??but Iâ??m not going to pass it up anymore if I get the chance to come.â??

      Dorothy even got her body fat tested and was fairly happy with the results.

      â??I came out at 19, which I can brag about that,â?? she said. â??It's very, very good.â??

      Women of all ages came to peruse the vendor options and to also take part in health screenings.

      â??It is a wide range of ages,â?? explained Michelle Murray from Great Lakes Recovery Center, â??from teens helping here as well as elderly coming around, too.â??

      One of the more famous booths is the free cholesterol screenings in which they'll send the results straight to your house.

      Since accessibility and convenience were the name of the game on Saturday, it seems that most women will return next year, no matter what age they will be.

      â??Iâ??m 92! I don't know how many times I can count on,â?? Dorothy added.