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      Wood pellets in short supply

      With propane prices still fairly high and cold temperatures still lingering, some people are stocking up on wood pellets and stoves. The race to the pellets has many stores in short supply. Fortunately for Vulcan Wood Products in Dickinson County, who manufacture the pellets, their supply is still steady. They said this year is, by far, one of the busiest they??ve had.

      ??Actually, we're seeing a lot of customers we haven't seen in years,?? said employee, Mark Gregg. ??There are a lot of new faces. We??re trying to make sure that everyone is able to get some, that??s why right now we do have a limit; 25 bags.??

      They??re keeping their prices the same and said anyone can come in for the product. Other area stores, like Home Depot, said they were out of pellets and only just received a new supply on Tuesday afternoon.