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      Wood stove cause of Escanaba fire

      Firefighters worked for two hours battling a blaze at 1814 North Lincoln Road in Escanaba. There were no injuries. The site used to be Anderson Construction Company 20 years ago.

      Owner, Don Anderson, was burning wood in the furnace when the fire broke out shortly after noon Tuesday. The insulation in his ceiling and office was burned. The fire started in the west side of the building between the furnace room and the office. Anderson uses the building as a hobby space to work on tractors and compressors.

      "And when I came out, I shut my oil furnace off. I thought maybe that's what it was and I shut that off and I opened the back door and then I looked in the furnace room and there was a little fire up in the ceiling, about ten feet away from me," explained Anderson.

      Police determined the fire to be accidental.