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      Woodland to close next month

      Bell Hospital has decided to sell their building, the Woodland Senior Living Community.

      After the hospital received an offer on the building's sale, the board got together to work on selling the property.

      Woodland Senior Living Community is expected to close by June 30.

      Although Bell Hospital declined comment to us at this time, Vice President of Organizational Development, Ruth Solinski, had an interview with the Mining Journal last week.

      Solinski told the Mining Journal, Bell Hospital "received the purchase offer while at a 50 percent occupancy" in Woodland, and Bell "felt it was appropriate to review operations and focus on core business areas."

      The purchase offer is still on the table, so the potential buyer and what the future of the building is have not been released.

      Currently there are 13 people residing in Woodland. Each resident was given a 45 day notice this week.