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      Woodtick Festival draws a crowd

      Everyone's mellowed out, relaxing in chairs on the grass in front of the stage. It's the 19th Annual Woodtick Music Fest in Hermansville.

      Norton and Chartier are playing and the crowds are enjoying it.

      This is the second year Paul Strom attended.

      "Main stage and side stage have been great. I have not seen any music I didn't like. I have seen some interesting acts; everything has been top-notch, four stars," said Strom.

      Thirty bands played over the course of the weekend. Brian Whitens, the organizer, says what makes this fest special is how much local talent is showcased.

      "You will hear a country band followed by a blues band followed by a rock band later on. Somewhere mixed in the middle is a blue grass band or some band with their own music you haven't heard before, their own style. I think it's interesting and I think people like that," said Whitens.

      There was even a little international music by the youngest musician there. Fifteen-year-old Laura Fazer is from Colombia, and a year ago she taught herself how to play guitar by using YouTube. This was her first time on a stage.

      "I was thinking if I was going to play a Spanish song. I think no one is going to like the Spanish songs, but the people liked it. It feels good," said Fazer.

      She says she would not mind coming back next year.

      Over the weekend, more than 1,500 people stopped by.ã??