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      Work begins on winter wonderland at MTU

      Snow statues are beginning to take shape around the campus of Michigan Tech. There's plenty of snow on the ground and students are taking advantage of it. The Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity brought out their shovels and buckets to start packing the snow. With water hoses also on hand, the fraternity wasn't going to let the cold temperatures keep them from putting in a full days work on their statue.

      "Today we're doing a full membership, so everybody comes out and does statue, and we're building a lighthouse," said Statue Master, Jake Radtke. "We work as long as we have to. If there's extra time, we'll do more, but we'll work until the end of the all-nighter."

      Sigma Tau says if you pass by their house, you'll be able to see them building their lighthouse throughout the day and night, and even though it's a competition, they're really just doing it for fun. The statue judging will take place on February 9.