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      Work must go on

      Day two of the deep freeze continued Tuesday.

      Many of us spent the day racing from out of our cars to inside wherever we were going. But for others, work continued like normal, obligating employees to bundle up for the cold.

      "It's a little chilly sometimes with the wind blowingâ?|your cheeks get cold and frosty," said Allen Anttila, wrecker driver for Anttilaâ??s Towing.

      Between crashes on slippery roads and stalled batteries froze to the core, the cold boosted business for Anttilas Towing approximately 40 percent.

      "Itâ??s been a little hectic," Anttila said. "We get four or five extra calls in the mornings alone with the cold weather that we have."

      Early Tuesday, Chocolay firefighters responded to a garage fire in subzero temperatures while mail carriers endured the same harsh weather for most of their day.

      "The wind is really miserable," admitted Paul Tiziani, a letter carrier with United States Post Office. "Your fingertips are just horrible. Other than that you're dressed for the warmth."

      Temperatures remained below zero the entire day with winds making the real-feel temperatures almost minus 40. Even brief moments outside were brutal. And for those who had nowhere to go, additional places offered warm refuge.

      "The city decided to open up City Hall and the senior center," said Kyle Whitney, Assistant City Manager of Marquette. "People can come in and get hot water, hot coffee and just take a break from the cold."