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      Working to bring businesses to the U.P.

      A move to bring new businesses and jobs to the Central U.P. is gaining traction. It comes in the form of the Superior Trade Corridor. The Marquette County Board and City Commission held a joint meeting Tuesday. They adopted a resolution in support of the Trade Corridor. The move connects Delta and Marquette Counties and the Cities of Marquette and Escanaba.

      The corridor works with the Next Michigan Economic Development Corporation and connects communities and encourages businesses to locate in that area. The Superior Trade Corridor was modeled largely after the downstate I-69 corridor. The group would offer tax incentives, and other benefits to attract businesses to the area.

      "As we begin to work with companies and work with organizations that may be looking at creating companies and creating jobs in our area we'll have some new tools to work with," said Marquette City Commissioner Don Ryan. "Economic development is a very challenging thing getting companies to create jobs and this is just one more way to work with them."

      The Superior Trade Corridor is still in the early stages of development. A board of directors is being formed as well as by-laws for the group.