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      Working together for a better tomorrow in Sawyer

      Sawyer residents are working to improve their growing community.

      A large group of residents, community leaders, and business representatives form the Sawyer Community Alliance. They've held monthly redevelopment workshops since 2009 lead by former county commissioner, Bob Struck, who acts as a neutral moderator. They've compiled a long list of things the community needs to grow, like youth development programs, community gardens, and tearing down abandoned buildings. Scott Bammert is a resident of 14 years and says the meetings are very valuable.

      "It's Saturday, it's 60 degrees, and there are 50 people here working together for one goal; and that goal is to continue to have Sawyer grow in a positive way," said Bammert.

      The group even invites business leaders from other parts of the country including Chicago, Lansing, and Kansas.