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      World War II veteran gets a home makeover

      World War II veteran Henry Summers helped his country in a time of need. Now, needing a little help himself, a community has stepped forward.

      It all started when a friend contacted the American Legion.

      "He told me he knew of a World War II veteran who needed help," said Michael Trickey, a former post commander at American Legion Post 44.

      Without a handicap-accessible ramp in his Harvey home, Henry has not been able to see the upstairs of his house since moving back from the Copper Country. He lived in Hancock to be close to his wife who passed away in a nursing home last April.

      "I couldn't get upstairs without help, so I've been living in a room in the basement," said Summers.

      That's when Trickey and the American Legion stepped in. Trickey was able to get the funds for the project approved. Henry's friend, who helped purchase the supplies and materials, will be reimbursed by the Marquette County Veteran's Trust Fund.

      "We drew up the paperwork, got the funds for the project, but then we had a problem: we needed workers," Trickey added.

      Word spread quickly to the Warrior Relief Fund, and within days, a group of volunteers responded.

      "To me, there's no question. You don't question things like this, you just get up and do it," said Liz Mathie, president of the Warrior Relief Fund. "It's a great lesson, and it's a great way to take care of your neighbor."

      In his backyard, Henry sits, overwhelmed.

      "It's just amazing, unbelievable really," Summers added.

      Mathie says that's just what the veteran organizations do.

      "Hopefully this will get the word out," Mathie added. "If there's other people in the area that need help with this kind of thing before the winter starts, handicap-accessible doors, anything, that's what we're here for."

      Helping one of their own, she added, is their way of paying it forward.