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      Would you ever get hypnotized?

      There are many mysteries of the mind, and sometimes healing depression, sleep disorders, and decreasing back pain is more mental than physical. According to one Ohio-based hypnotherapist, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and healing yourself is really mind over matter.

      I had previously envisioned hypnosis as comedy shows with participants dancing or falling asleep on cue. But my experience was not at all what I expected.

      â??The lemon exercise is a good opportunity for us to determine what kind of thinker you are,â?? explains hypnotherapist Anita Miller. â??Itâ??ll help us figure out how we would best access the subconscious mind for you."

      During my hypnosis, I was fully conscious and in a state of focused relaxation as Ms. Miller coached me...via Skype.

      â??Take a few nice deep breaths, getting nice and comfortable, staring at a spot in the ceiling or the wall. Imagine, sense and feel, if you would. Imagine that you're standing in the kitchen right now,â?? said Miller.

      Ms. Miller guided my relaxation as I focused my concentration on her voice. Then it was all over in a matter of minutes. After the brief experience, I felt relaxed.

      Monday, I introduced you to Jessica Laxo of Marquette who also felt more at ease after working with Ms. Miller. Jessica claims the hypnotherapy sessions have lessened her back pain.

      Jessica Laxo says she's such a firm believer in mind over matter. She used to take medicine to relieve her pain, but no longer does because it doesn't ease the pain. So what does she say to critics who are skeptical?

      â??If it's their opinion and they are dead-set that it doesn't work, they're not going to be in the right mindset to help themselves," explained Ms. Laxo.

      The hypnotherapist agrees.

      â??I think the biggest inhibitor would be whether people are willing to look at the emotional issues behind what's happening," Miller said.

      Hypnosis isn't intended to replace doctors' visits. Instead, it's considered a complimentary therapy that uses the subconscious to speak to the physical body. That's how pain is reduced: by listening to your inner healing voice.