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      Would you mind a windmill?

      It's 150 feet tall and stands still and silent, smack dab in front of the Pioneer Bluff Apartments...and it's causing quite the commotion in the community.

      Clean Green Energy President and CEO, Bryan Zaplitny, gave an update about the status of the windmill that hasn't worked since 2010 because of faulty design.

      "It's growth. It's change. It fits within the community. I've walked through the town and talked to the business owners, the restaurants and so forth. It's a natural fit here. It's not disrupting anything," said Zaplitny.

      Zaplitny also says they plan to put a new one in by the end of 2013. In addition, he gave the complex a grant that will pay for the first five years of energy costs.

      Many residents at Monday's meeting called the windmill an eyesore, but some say that doesn't matter because of how much it can cut back costs on energy bills. The Ishpeming Housing Commission says the complex currently pays about $14,000 a month in the wintertime for electric bills.

      "Being that we are all electric here, our bills are so high, especially during the winter months. So, anything we can do to cut the costs, we're going to do it gladly," said Evelyn Valente-Heikkila from the Ishpeming Housing Commission.

      At Monday's meeting, there was another hot topic: who exactly is paying for the new windmill?

      "This community has not spent a penny on this turbine, on our engineering, patenting, the learning that we did with this turbine as a prototype and going forward," Zaplitny added.

      Zaplitny says he will not remove the old windmill until the new one is installed.