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      Would you serve mocktails at your Christmas party?

      The Delta County Sheriff says there aren't a lot of drunk driving accidents on Christmas. However, he and public health department officials are teaming up to make sure people don't drink and drive this holiday season.

      Ever heard of mocktails? Unlike cocktails, these alternative holiday drinks don't have any alcohol in them.

      Friday at Elmerâ??s in Escanaba, people got to sample recipes like Christmas Dreamsicle and Mistletoe Punch. They're just two of several mocktail recipes, and they're a big hit with the public.

      â??It's nice having an alternative that doesn't have alcohol in it for people who don't drink,â?? says Adam Wigand. â??And they're pretty tasty."

      Health officials say theyâ??re pleased that customers consider this delicious alternative.

      â??People are very supportive,â?? explains Prevention Specialist, Ruth Botbyl. â??Occasionally we'll get people who'll come by and joke about putting alcohol in it. We know that they're joking, but a lot of people say they save the recipes. Weâ??ve heard people say they provide them for the kids at the gatherings, too."

      The good thing about this mocktails event is that customers can easily sample a drink and then pick up the ingredients right at the grocery store.

      The mocktail event has been going on now for about 13 years. Officials say they hope the tasty drinks and powerful message continue past the holiday season.

      â??Over a long period of time, like the last 25 years, some accidents have decreased. But we're always encouraging people to be cautious when driving and also because alcohol has other problems besides crashes," Botbyl says.

      You can sample some mocktails Saturday at Super One from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.