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      WOW Animation summer camp at U.P. Children's Museum

      The U.P. Children's Museum will be offering a creative, new program for kids this summer.

      WOW Animation is it's name, and it's a summer camp.

      Kids, beginning with preschoolers, will learn a host of technical skills.

      WOW Animation will teach children about graphics, animation and script writing to name a few.

      The museum says their goal is to provide affordable and quality learning opportunities to everyone who is interested in the art of animated movie-making.

      "It's a program for kids to learn the basic techniques of making a film. There's rippling, where you actually take photographs of a particular indumenta object moving across the screen. There's animation and pixilation" explains museum director, Nheena Itner.

      To learn more about WOW Animation or sign up your child, visit the U.P. Children's Museum website.