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      Wrappers have a theme

      At the Westwood Mall in Marquette this past weekend, gift-wrappers alternated shifts at a booth near the mall entrance. The event was put on by the Society for Creative Anachronism. Some of the SCA volunteers dressed in colorful middle-aged costumes to show off what their organization is about.

      "The SCA goes from approximately 500 to 1600 A.D. and the whole of Europe, we've got everybody from that. So we've got a number of Viking. We've got some people who do Middle eastern. We've got English, Irish, and Dutch. You name it, it's there somewhere," said Heather Weismann of the SCA.

      No matter what color ribbon you asked for, the wrapping was done for free, though donations were accepted. All of the proceeds went to support the SCA and Habitat for Humanity.