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      Wrestling, baseball, or squash?

      There's more optimism that the sport of wrestling won't be cut from the Olympics games.

      In February, the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee recommended that wrestling be eliminated after 2016. But Thursday, that group voted to consider adding wrestling, baseball and softball or squash back to the lineup for 2020.

      The fate of wrestling will be decided at the International Olympic Committee congress in just a few short months in Argentina. That's also when a host city for 2020 Olympics will be selected.

      "It's exciting, not just for our room, but for around the country and around the world. It's the next step to get back in, and we were really shocked that we were out in the first place. But we were, so we have to fight to get back in, and we're one of the three core sports that hopefully will get picked," said Rob Hermann, Head Coach for United States Olympic Education Center.

      Also, one of the strong bids for the games is from Istanbul, Turkey. That country's national sport is wrestling, so their bid committee hopes to see wrestling at the games.

      "I think I have two or three guys who could make the 2016 team. I think that's what we're all striving for. I say two or three, but you never know," Hermann said.

      However, the other two sports wrestling is up against for the single vote are also receiving support.

      Squash, a racket-sport, is on the table, as well as baseball and softball as a joint bid.

      The MSHS Redettes Softball team is rooting for their favorite sport.

      "I think it's a good thing that they should keep it in the Olympics because it's a good way for people to interact," said Morgan Seibert, pitcher for the MSHS Redettes.

      "I think it would be really good, I mean, it's a great sport. I love to play it. It's a classic sport, anyone can get into it," said Christian Nagelkirk, right fielder for the MSHS Redettes.

      All three sports have made it past the first vote. The final vote will take place in September.