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      WUPHD offers free vision and hearing screenings for children

      The Western UP Health Department is offering free vision and hearing screenings to preschoolers, kindergarteners, and home-schooled children at their offices across the Copper Country this week to help families prepare for the coming school year.

      The WUPHD says it's a medical code in Michigan for kindergarten students to have these screenings done upon entering school. About 5500 students are given these screenings for free throughout the school year.

      Screening technicians say it's the perfect time to have the screenings done to ensure your child is ready and able to learn.

      â??It's something that parents don't think of doing on an annual basis, so we do go in for free and we do that. It's just a helpful tool for them,â?? said WUPHD Vision and Hearing Technician Carol Maki. â??It's one of the most important screenings they can have before they start school.â??

      The WUPHD offices are located in Hancock, Lâ??Anse, Ontonagon, and Bessemer. Screening technicians will also be in schools for free testing throughout the school year.

      For more information about scheduling a screening for your child, visit the WUPHD website.