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      WUPPDR secures grant for Regional Prosperity Plan

      The Western Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Region, or WUPPDR, has received a grant of up to $250,000 to move forward with a Regional Prosperity Plan under Governor Snyderâ??s Regional Prosperity Initiative.

      WUPPDR will collaborate with the community to come up with money-saving ideas for economic prosperity, such as using webcams for regional and state meetings to save on transportation costs, which WUPPDR has already begun to implement.

      WUPPDR will hold community meetings to discuss what could help the Western U.P. be more economically efficient and how to collaborate with other regions with similar goals. WUPPDR says it will soon release information about specific dates for community meetings.

      â??Do we think that this is going to be an end-all? No,â?? said WUPPDR Executive Director, Kim Stoker. â??This is a start. It's a start to look at how we can become more efficient. Thirty-eight percent of our economy is on the government. Can we continue that? It doesn't look like it from what the federal government is doing.â??

      Michiganâ??s Regional Prosperity Initiative is based around an idea that there is no "one size fits all" solution to economic prosperity.

      For more information about WUPPDR, click here . For more information about Michiganâ??s Regional Prosperity Initiative, click here .