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      WWII veteran given high school diploma

      Menzo Caswell with his honorary diploma
      In an event fitting for Memorial Day weekend, Newberry High School granted a World War II veteran his diploma Sunday.

      Ninety-four-year-old Menzo Caswell dropped out of school when he was 16. He was eventually drafted and served during World War II and never went back to school. Sunday, he received an honorary high school diploma under Michigan World War II and Korean Veterans Public Act 181. Caswell had more than 40 family members present for the graduation. He was escorted by his two great-great nephews who are also part of the class of 2013. He says his wife, Sandy, deserves most of the credit.

      "She heard about it and said I have to have it...I think it's a beautiful thing. I'm really getting a bang out of it, and I think I'm just going to enjoy it," said Caswell.

      Caswell received a standing ovation. After receiving his diploma, he was speechless. Caswell was honored with 41 other graduates. Other World War II or Korean veterans that were unable to earn their diploma can call any Michigan high school for more information.