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      WWII veterans receive handmade quilts from church

      Daniel, Jack, and Herbie have all been attending Zion Lutheran Church in Felch for a long time; as a matter of fact, their entire lives. But besides the common bond of faith they share, together, they were also a part of history that shaped our country: World War II.

      â??I went in when I was 17, and I went to the South Pacific; I was in 7 major battles, saw the flag raised at Iwo Gima,â?? said veteran, Herbie Lantz.

      Veteran Daniel Dixon was 20 years old when he entered. â??I was drafted into the Army, and I was anti-aircraft,â?? said Dixon.

      â??In the amphibians; I was an amphib; that meant we were the first line to go in,â?? said veteran, Jack Cootware.

      These gentlemen proudly served their country, and on Veteran's Day, we honor them. But a group of women in the church who meet weekly decided more recognition was in order.

      â??I got the idea; even though I don't sew, I come to the quilting and talked about it, and the ladies decided they would like to do that,â?? said Kathy Clemo.

      Patriotic quilts. One for every WWII veteran in the congregation, which makes six in total. Daniel, Jack, and Herbie were the three in attendance to receive the quilts, and they said they were caught completely off-guard.

      â??Oh yeah; I didn't expect that,â?? Cootware said.â?? Very nice applause that they gave us,â?? Dixon said. Herbie Lantz said it was emotional for him. â??Got a little teary-eyed; that was very touching,â?? Lantz said.

      The surprise ceremony brought out family and friends of the local veterans to honor their bravery.

      â??Theyâ??re very proud of the veterans, and rightfully so; we should all be proud of them,â?? Clemo said. The veterans can now take home a physical symbol of that recognition to carry for the rest of their lives. â??It'll be an heirloom for their family as a reminder,â?? Clemo said.