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      Wykon football team gets $2,000 worth of chocolate milk

      It very well may be the drink of choice for most kids, and let's admit it, most adults.

      But chocolate milkâ??s energy-boosting qualities have the Michigan Dairy Council granting free chocolate milk to athletic teams all over the state of Michigan.

      â??Dairy Council only does this for 26 schools in the state, 26 teams in the state, and we're chosen as one of the fall teams,â?? said assistant coach, Chris Thomson. â??Weâ??re just proud, and, again, it's that relationship with the Dairy Council.â??

      Itâ??s a relationship that's allowing both the varsity and junior varsity teams in West Iron County to recharge and refuel after all practices and games.

      The Michigan Dairy Council granted $2,000 to the teams to buy as much chocolate milk as they need after every game and practice. â??We pack it everyday, and we have it out there so that when they come off the field, chocolate milk is available to them,â?? Thomson said.

      â??Something to look forward to after practice,â?? said player Andrew Ridolphi. â??Once we're done running in the hot weather, we can come up and have a nice chocolate milk. Itâ??s nice and relaxing and it boosts energy,â?? said Ridolphi.

      According to the National Dairy Council, chocolate milk's ideal protein-to-carbohydrate ratio makes it an excellent choice after working out. â??All the big schools are doing it--Michigan State and Michigan. They're all participating in this, and the chocolate milk right now is the thing you do post-workout,â?? Thomson said.

      The "Got Milk" campaign photo shoot on Wednesday with the team had them sporting chocolate milk mustaches as a way to say thank you for the newest addition to the team.