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      Yard sale to send youth members on a mission trip

      Messiah Lutheran Church in Marquette held a yard sale Saturday to help raise money for some of their younger members.

      Three members of the church will be attending the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America's National Youth gathering in New Orleans this July. The yard sale was based on donations--give whatever you like and take whatever you want--and there was much to offer.

      A vast array of furniture, electronics, clothes, and other miscellaneous items were donated by members of the community to help raise money for the trip.

      "It's just a chance for us to come together as a youth group," said Tanner Delpier, a youth group member. "We're kind of new, and it's just a really good experience in general."

      The trip costs about $900 per person. They raised $962, and the sale continues Sunday from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.