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      YMCA keeping kids active in the winter

      An indoor winter sport has kids diving in and parents relieved that their children can do something to release their pent up winter energy.

      The YMCA swim team meets every day during the winter to train and to just let the kids swim around and have fun.

      "The thing I like about swimming is, first of all, we're in a warm environment in the middle of winter. I get to work in shorts, but I think it's a great way to get kids active," said YMCA Coach Matthew Williams.

      Not everyone is required to compete. Anyone can join and swim as much, or as little, as they like.

      "Physical fitness is shown to do all kinds of wonderful things, including improve their kids in school. And the parents love it because their kids are getting some activity, and then they're coming home tired and they sleep well," Williams added.

      "There isn't a lot of standing around time, so they're exhausted by the time they leave here. So it's very nice to be able to get out. We can enjoy the winter sports in Marquette, but it's nice to be able to put on a bathing suit and pretend like it's summer," said YMCA parent Trista Houle.

      The program isn't only for kids either. The YMCA has swimmers up to 70 years old who train in the water.

      To learn more about joining, click here.