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      YMCA pushes strong towards fundraiser goal

      The YMCA Strong Kids Campaign has increased its overall goal this year, and so far they've reached 84 percent of that goal.

      About $97,000 has been raised, and the goal this year is $115,000. The campaign assists adults, but mostly youth, who want to participate in the Y's many camps, exercise, and other facility programs. The campaign is wrapping up this month, but organizers expect to meet the goal.

      They say a $1,500 contribution just came in on Tuesday morning.

      "That's what it's all about: giving people opportunities to learn a skill and to be with other people," said Secretary of the Board Paddy Fitch. "When they're applying for Strong Kids funding, they know that this is a safe place for their children and they really appreciate that."

      The campaign will keep going until the YMCA meets its goal.