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      YMCA Swim Team makes better swimmers

      The YMCA of Marquette County is making kids better swimmers with their Swim Team. The team focuses on the proper technique for competitive swimming at different levels. They cover the basics of aquatic safety as well as the finer points of conditioning and swim training. The team's director says it's important to get the kids in the water on a regular basis, and they can keep these skills with them for life.

      "I think it's very important for kids to get comfortable and strong in the water at a young age," said Aquatic Director Matt Williams. "Not only does it build motor skills and it helps them with physical conditioning, it helps them be healthy and active, but it also teaches them a skill they'll have their entire lives, which is being safe in the water."

      The cost for the swim team varies based on the level of swimmers. They meet at the YMCA three days a week from September until March. For more information on the Swim Team, click here.