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      Yooper Triathlon brings more people

      People from across the U.P. returned to Hancock beach for the third annual Yooper Sprint Triathlon. More than 50 racers brought their endurance.

      For the first leg of race, a 500 meter swim

      The youngest, team 37, were all thirteen years old.

      "I'm kind of happy I did it because it's a new experience. I like open water swimming--it's different then pool swimming because you don't have the lane markers and you don't have to do the flip turns," said Ann Desrochers, team 37.

      In the transition area, racers walked their bikes to the mounting line. They put the pedal to metal for the next 20 kilometers.

      Within a half hour, bikers were rolling in and starting the final leg of the race, the 5k run. Many grabbed a drink on their way out.

      With just a little over an hour, Andrew Joda finishes in first.

      "I'm pretty happy especially after my swim; it was a little weak today, but having the solid ride and hanging on in the run was perfect," said Andrew Joda.

      Soon after, more and more racers crossed the finish line.

      The race raises funds for the Copper Country Ski Tigers. Race Director Rick Vendlinksi plans to continue expanding it.

      "It brings people into Hancock, just so it's a tourist attraction; they can see what Hancock is all about and what the endurance racing community is all about here," said Rick Vendlinski, Race Director.

      As for team 37, the thirteen-year-old friends, they are hoping to do it again.

      "It's cool because they're all people that I know and it's better than than doing it by yourself," said Seth Helman, team 37.