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      "You couldn't do this business unless you loved it"

      Some of the Kingmans' rock candle holders.
      Over a thousand people came to the 4th annual TV6 Harvest Craft Show in Iron Mountain Saturday.

      The show featured about 50 vendors selling all kinds of homemade jewelry, decorations, foods, and more. Some traveled from as far as Wisconsin and downstate Michigan. Edward and JoAnne Kingman operate Quincy Hill Design out of their home in Hancock. They work together to create "found art," using things like rocks and driftwood from Lake Superior to create framed pictures and candle holders.

      "You just got to have an eye for it. You got to know what people want. It's a matter of trial and error too... But it is rewarding because you couldn't do this business unless you loved it. It's a lot of hard work," said Edward Kingman.

      The next TV6 craft show will be the Christmas Craft Show from December 6 to 8 in Marquette.