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      Young Eagles Program takes off in Delta County

      Thirteen altar servers from All-Saints Church got the chance of a lifetime to take a private plane ride in Escanaba. It's called the Young Eagles Flights, and it took place at the Delta County Airport.

      It's a way to introduce the kids to the passion of flying. Many kids have flown in planes, but how common is it to have your own personal pilot?

      Trevor LaChance had one. The pilots from Iron Mountain and Escanaba volunteered their time and their planes.

      â??He took us places that we really hadn't seen before, with a different view,â?? says LaChance.

      The day of aviation fun was made possible by the Experimental Aircraft Association. The Young Eagles Program costs nothing to participate in. It familiarizes the teens with flying in an aircraft, which could include slight turbulence.

      â??The pilot told me that because there were clouds, there'd be a lot of bumps. And there was a really big one, and it scared me," says Dylan Bernson, another participant.

      Donald Poe is the Deputy Group Commander for the Civil Air Patrol. He says Boy Scouts and 4-H members have also gotten the chance to fly. It's an adventure that he likes seeing kids enjoy.

      â??You know, Iâ??ve been in aviation since I was knee-high to a toadstool, and Iâ??ve always enjoyed it,â?? explains Poe. â??I've built model airplanes and flown into aircraft, and this is really interesting. Itâ??s a great career field, too."

      There are about six Young Eagles Flights held in Delta County each year.