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      Young eagles take over the skies at Sawyer

      Kids took to the sky Saturday at the Young Eagles Flight Rally at Sawyer International Airport.

      The flight rally offers free flights to kids to encourage an interest in aviation. It's also just meant to be fun and allow the kids to see their homes from a different perspective. The Experimental Aircraft Association Young Eagles program holds the flight rally three times per year. F ive pilots volunteered to take the kids up.

      The event caters to children age 8 to 17, but the kids weren't the only ones having fun.

      "The pilots spend their time and expenses to do this, but if you look at the smiles coming out of the airplanes, you'll see the kids smiling, but you'll also see the pilots smiling because we really enjoy doing it," said Ted Kirkpatrick, the program's coordinator.

      More than 20 kids took advantage of the free flights. The next flight rally will be scheduled for some time in the early fall.