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      Young girl rescues elderly woman

      An Ishpeming girl has a new set of wheels after helping an elderly woman in her time of need.

      Ten-year-old Taylor Stanaway was on her way to a musical gathering at the Old Fashioned Baptist Church when she heard the cry of a neighbor, an 89-year-old woman named Rose.

      Rose had fallen while taking out the trash, breaking her collar bone. While she was down, Taylor came to the rescue.

      "I went over there and asked 'Do I have permission to go in your house and call 911?' and she said 'yes,' so I went in there and I searched for the phone and I called 911 and an ambulance came," recounts Taylor. "Well I'm proud of myself and I wish here to be well soon."

      For her efforts in the rescue, the Old Fashioned Baptist Church bought Taylor a bike and matching helmet.

      Taylor also received a letter of commendation from the City of Ishpeming.