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      Young girls learn importance of STEM at NMU

      Young girls learn about science, technology, engineering and math at NMU

      Fifth and sixth grade girls from Marquette and Alger Counties attended a conference which could shape the course of their futures.

      The young women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics is intended to expose young girls to these fields of work, and show them that they can be successful in those fields.

      The girls heard from key note speakers before they were split into to groups.

      In smaller groups, the girls were able to discover several career options that may peak their interest.

      Speakers at the conference say girls are more prone to shy away from stem career choices than boys, but things are changing.

      "I feel like our girls more and more so are liking math and science. When I was in school, to be a girl that loved science was not the norm, and I see my middle school classes and that's become more of the norm" says Kristy Gollakner from Gwinn Area Community Schools.

      Gollakner adds girls could use an extra push from teachers, parents or administrators to pursue those fields.