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      Young musicians audition for Rock Camp

      P.J. Olssonâ??s Rock Camp is an opportunity for young musicians to perfect their talents, and over 30 artists are trying to secure their place in this yearâ??s Rock Camp.

      As David Daavettila sits alongside his parents, he waits patiently for his audition.

      â??I want to audition for this because I want to be able to play with other people and play on stage and have fun,â?? said musician David Daavettila.

      David has been playing the guitar for the past two years, and his mom says heâ??s always had a passion for music.

      â??I think Davidâ??s passion for music is really internal. I think heâ??s really cerebral about it. He likes to listen to music, and I just watch him go inside and just feel the music,â?? said Davidâ??s mom, Cynthia Daavettila.

      As David walks into the audition room, heâ??s greeted by rock musician P.J. Olsson.

      Olsson is originally from Houghton, and he started Rock Camp three years ago.

      â??As I got in there and started working with kids, I realized that when you make their mind and heart work together, they just grow right in front of you,â?? said Olsson.

      Each contestant gets the chance to play the chorus and verse from a couple of their favorite songs. The judges say no matter what the outcome of the audition is, itâ??s still a great experience for the young musicians to have.

      â??The experience of getting up and showing your personality and showing who you are to other people through an instrument creates a dramatic effect through the rest of your life,â?? Olsson said.

      David passed the audition! He's thrilled about this life changing achievement. This August he will be going to Rock Camp where he'll learn how to become a better guitarist, and David will also learn what itâ??s like to be an entertainer.